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"I think Stillness Buddy is one of the greatest inventions of the century! It really helps me to get back to the present moment. When the pauses appear, I feel re-connected to my surroundings. It is a wonderful way to become more mindful while working. And it always brings a smile to my face. I enjoy it so much that I'm telling my friends about it, hoping that they will start using it too!", Leni


"I also wanted to say just how much I appreciate the software you have crafted, it truly is wonderful. I have tried quite a few break reminder applications, with (...) being the best I've found, but I still wasn't satisfied. Stillness Buddy really goes above and beyond with a beautiful presentation, insightful messages and user friendly setup. It is exactly what I have been looking for." Cameron Edwards


"Stillness Buddy is a great product. The software is solid.  I have had no bugs or crashes.  That's unusual for software on my computer because I load it up and mess with it.  Very few programs have run for as long as Stillness Buddy without freezing, closing, or causing a blue screen of death.


I spent a few months searching around to try to find something which, at the time, was just to put some great quotes on my screen to remind me about living (most about mindfulness).  I was happy when I found Stillness Buddy because it can go one step further, not only putting up a good message to remind me about what is important in life, but to also make me pause or take a break; all configurable to suit what I want.  I find that I change the length and frequency of pauses and breaks from time to time, depending on where I am with life.


I was introduced to mindfulness and meditation as part of treatment for major depression.  I live with depression and mindfulness, taking breaks, pausing to appreciate what is happening right now, are part of how I manage the illness.  I get really caught up in computing. Stillness Buddy brings me back to the present moment when my mind gets totally caught up in the computer.  Sometimes that's annoying, and often I then recognize my reaction to what I have put in place to help myself stay well." Richard Nishimura


"I would just like you to know how THRILLED I am with this product, how MUCH it is helping me, and how GLAD I am that I bought it!" Lauren DeLisa Coleman


"When I spend too much time on the computer I suffer mental and emotional strain, along with heavy fatigue. However, I get so focused on what I'm doing that I don't think to take a break. Thankfully, Stillness Buddy automatically reminds me to take some time out and refocus on what's truly important. When the Times for Presence pop up, I feel a sense of relief. I take a few breaths and come back to myself. It has become a friend to me.


I am truly grateful to you for creating this program. It meets a huge need in our hectic society. As for me individually, the computer does make me sick when I'm on it too long -- I'm sensitive to the electro-magnetic radiation (or whatever it's called). But I get hyperfocused and don't have the discipline to tear myself away when I'm in the middle of some project or activity. So... thank you!" Maureeen Flaig


"This is such a simple app and yet it's the most important one in my life!" Nitin Savant


"I really enjoy the software and even some friends have begun to BREATH when they are in my office and it's WAKE UP TIME!!!". Jim Tillman


"Wish this had been available when I was working in technology! I will be suggesting Stillness Buddy to my massage clients who work on computers and come to me with signs of stress and body fatigue." Lisa King, Blue Moon Natural Living


"Love working with Stillness Buddy. It gives me the feeling that I can work hard while still taking care of myself" Wilma de Jong


"It's a wonderful tool and a great trigger for regularly bringing me out of my head and back to my own experience." Gerry Langtry


"I can't recommend (Stillness Buddy) highly enough. I love being reminded to go within at regular intervals, which I'd never do on my own." GlitterGodess


"This is truly a great program. It is very important. I teach Dahn Yoga and the biggest challenge isgetting people to continue to feel their true nature after the workshop is done. This is a great tool for doing that. It's layed out beautifully and having the option to adjust the settings is great. Thank you so much for offering this and kudos to the developers", David Sholemson


"Stillness Buddy is, absolutely, one of the best devices available to help people create a place of calm and peace. By being attentive to the user's intensity of work on the computerand offering short, much-needed pauses, the software helps users to refresh and reset to a healthy state of mind. Keep up the good work! :-)", Keith Kowalski


"Stillness Buddy helps me a lot -I work as a developer myself- and I appreciate you and your work very much. Thank you for doing this." Dagmar H.


"I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that I have been using the new update you just released, and the improvements are really nice. But my absolute favorite is the little pop-up that asks me if I want to skip a moment of stillness. Just that few seconds to disengage from what I was doing before seems to make a HUGE difference to me. I find that I rarely skip one. The sense of being yanked from my activity is gone. Instead, there is an invitation to disengage for a few seconds or moments. Such a difference. Whoever thought this up really needs a big *Thank you!*", Georgia Harper


"Stillness Buddy has completely changed the way I approach work. My job is now a means to practice mindfulness, rather than the occasion to lose it!", Robert McLaughlin


"You are a genius for coming up with Stillness Buddy. It is wonderful when technology can support the more spiritual and healthful endeavors in life!", Lauren Shaw


"I am loving my Stillness Buddy (...) I have set the messages to appear to 90 seconds every 90 minutes and I feel a great sense of relief and solace whenever they hit my screen", Rachel Koenig


"I just wanted to let you know that I have been using Stillness Buddy for a week now and it really is great. No hype, just quality and I think it is an absolute must for computer programmers like me. Just when my mind starts to go all runny, Stillness Buddy kicks in. Great work!", Colin Palfrey


"This is a wonderful program and it stops us in our tracks to refocus. What a wonderful idea!" Jean Rettus


"When I tried Stillness Buddy I was amazed as to how powerful this application was! Although I practice yoga and meditation in the morning before setting off for work, by the end of the day I feel drained. Stillness Buddy helps me refuel that inner life force and maintains my vitality and creativity all day", Teenuja Dahari (read more)


"I absolutely love Stillness Buddy and have found it makes me more mindful. I particularly like the ability to customize it", Ann London


"I am very grateful for Stillness Buddy. Each time it arrives, it makes me smile peacefully", Cathy Good


"I am loving it. It's so good to have Barry Long's consciousness with me as I venture into cyberspace. It has changed my laptop experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am recommending it to lots of people", Juliana Wright


"Thank you for such a beautiful program, allowing the computer to be a better environment for ourselves, the whole universe and beyond. ;-} ", Melissa Thorpe


"I would like to thank you for creating such a great program. Last night was my first full night on the Forex using Stillness Buddy and it was truly amazing. I cannot recall a time in my life (61 yrs. young) when I have felt such a deep and profound level of inner peace and stillness. I was running the Moments of Stillness every 7 min. 30 sec. for 45 sec. duration and the Times for Presence every hour for 3 min. duration. By the early hours of this past morning I was definitely "doing 7th heaven"!

The most challenging part of my daily routine in which to maintain conscious breathing and a meditative state during my all night runs on the Forex. I've tried listening to Thich Nhat Hanh's audio talks but they split my focus and I'm not able to be fully present for either. The last couple of weeks I've been trying to figure out what I could do while trading to help me stay inwardly connected but also allow me to fully focus on the Forex. Then ............. all very synchronistically and serendipitously "Stillness Buddy" appears out of cyber space!

What I became consciously aware was that a big part of the energetic magic of Stillness Buddy is that the high vibration energy that is embedded in the software penetrates into and merges with the energy fields of my trading programs and data feeds. And because "this is because that is", the embedded love and compassion energies work to transform all the negativity in the trading software and in particular in the incoming financial data on the live feeds. And because Stillness Buddy helps me keep my heart open and my love flowing, I'm able to merge at a much deeper level with the Forex energies. Being at One with "Mother Market" is the whole name of the game, so I'm sure my success/profitability rate is going to rise accordingly.


So this Forex trader is eternally thankful to you for creating such a profoundly helpful and beneficial tool. Your software is changing the world for the better. I know because it has already changed mine... big time!!!", Gabriel Cameron


"Thank you so much for Stillness Buddy. I have just purchased the license before my free trial ends! I am so happy that I can now log on to my computer, knowing that I will be 'kept in check' by my wonderful Stillness Buddy", Yvonne O'Neil


"This program completely rocks! I've been sitting for 20 years but still get caught up in work stress, so your application really helps. I've been using (a freeware program) but that's a bit annoying. This is great!", Will Moore


"I wish you, your enterprise and your team all the best and thanks for creating such a wonderful program! Stillness Buddy helps me a lot to remember to come back to the moment, remember to be breathing, smiling and finding peace just right here and now. Corresponding with you (to help me install the software) was a nice experience, as you were always friendly and helpful. Special thanks for that!", Sigrid Ludwig


"Thank you very much for the wonderful stop from time to time in the daily haste! Your wonderful tool is helping me to get in touch with real life and the wonders of life", Wolfgang Mahler


"I tried setting up reminders on my computer so that I wouldn't get caught up in doing and doing and doing. Stillness Buddy is just what I was looking for! I love the beautiful images and the sounds!", Debra Ward


"The exercises in the Times for Presence and Moments of Stilness are fantastic! They are easy to follow and yet very powerful.", Mr Mike Dickson


"I love doing the different exercises. They have been so well thought of. I work with a lot of people around me and nobody noticed that I am practicing stillness!", Tara Wilson


"My office job is not great and I am looking to move on. However, since using Stillness Buddy I feel much more fulfilled. Evidently I do need to change jobs but now I see very clearly that the most important thing is my state of my mind.", Steve Barlow


"People have noticed the change in me and that I am lot less stressed now. Several of my co-workers have downloaded your program and enjoying it too!", John Harris


"As a society, we have so much to do and so little time. It's really crazy! Stillness Buddy helps me to remain sane and to maintain a sense of peace and equanimity during the day", Anna Sanderson


"Since downloading Stillness Buddy I don't get my usual end-of-day headaches. I used to end up so tense in my shoulders that my husband would need to massage them, but now my body feels much more relaxed when I finish work. I love it!", Anne Finch


"The colleague working next to me is also using Stillness Buddy now and you can sense, almost breathe, the peace at our workplace!", Fiona Walker


"I love the variety of mindfulness exercises, the design of the windows, the sounds and the images. All very thoughtfully put together.", John Cassidy