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Bernie Prior Bernie Prior is a passionate and engaging spiritual teacher, who challenges the deepest myths of our humanness with uncompromising truth. With compassion, great humour and shattering honesty, Bernie invites every man and woman to realize their highest, deepest knowing and to actualize that in their life, now.


People around the world are constantly wowed by Bernie’s radical and unique approach to spirituality and evolutionary growth, and his steadfast commitment to his realisations of Love and Truth. This ordinary and humble man is accessible yet uncompromising where truth is concerned, living fully from the depth of his extraordinary realisations in this life.


Bernie's ever-evolving teachings lead people to the realization of Conscious Awareness and of the Masculine and Femenine Principles, and to embody these as a fully conscious engagement of evolution as individuals, within partnership and through every aspect of their life.


An essential aspect of Bernie's teachings is spiritual human evolution (SHE), which aims to bring about an understanding of the true value of human existence  and the purposeful evolution of all beings. It is a profound teaching that is constantly unfolding universal truth and higher potentials to create a global culture of inner unity - expressing life as oneness.


Bernie is also the originator of The Form - Reality Practice TM, a movement practice that reveals the formless nature within all forms and integrates that as an ever-growing, conscious way of Becoming within the individual and humanity. The Form – Reality Practice TM is taught by Bernie and accredited teachers worldwide.  


Using Stillness Buddy will help you to practice, and be reminded of, Bernie Prior's most important teachings, practices and messages on: Being the New; feeling the body as the centre of the universe; surrendering and the real being; living from the light of your heart, and many more.


These selected teachings, practices and messages are contained in Bernie Prior's module. Once you have installed the application on your computer, you will be able to try this module within Stillness Buddy (as well as any other modules you may be interested in).


Try Bernie Prior's module of Stillness Buddy FREE for 14 days and keep it by purchasing a user licence. Please note that 30% of the sales of this module will go to The Bernie Prior Foundation.


Finally, before you download the application, we assume that you are familiar with Bernie's teachings. If not, we suggest visiting Bernie Prior's website.


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