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Barry Long was one of the world's great spiritual masters and uniquely from the West. 


His original, down-to-earth and uncompromising teachings arose from his living realisation of God, which continued to unfold throughout his life. His teachings encompassed all aspects of the spiritual life from meditation to raising children, from cosmic consciousness to making love.


The essence of Barry’s teachings is freedom from unhappiness for the individual. Barry defined unhappiness as the normal human condition of “happy today, unhappy tomorrow”.


Barry taught that to be free of unhappiness one of the key elements is inner stillness. Through his books, tapes and videos, he introduced people to the stillness of their own being. As people live the teaching, they are increasingly able to go about their day-to-day living without losing touch with this inner place.


Using Stillness Buddy will help you to practice, and be reminded of, Barry Long's most important teachings, practices and messages, and to reconnect momentarily with stillness of your own being within. Barry used to say “The difficulty is in remembering…” and this is where Stillness Buddy comes in.


These selected teachings, practices and messages are contained in Barry Long's module. Once you have installed the application on your computer, you will be able to try this module within Stillness Buddy (as well as any other modules you may be interested in).q-bl


Try Barry Long's module of Stillness Buddy FREE for 14 days and keep it by purchasing a user licence. Please note that 30% of the sales of this module will go to The Barry Long Foundation, whose aim is to continue spreading Barry’s teachings around the world.


Finally, before you download the application, we assume that you are familiar with Barry's teachings. If not, we suggest reading some of his best known books including: ‘Meditation A Foundation Course’, ‘Stillness Is the Way’, ‘Only Fear Dies’ and ‘The Way In’.


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