How Stillness Buddy works


In our day-to-day lives, we rarely take a moment to be still inside. We have so many things to do, constant pressures at work, urgent deadlines, phone calls, and so on.


We hardly make time to come back to the fullness and beauty of the present moment. As a result, we become cut off from the deeper, more real part of ourselves. We lose touch with the peace, joy and love that are within us.


Stillness Buddy is a great tool that you can use to cultivate more presence and awareness in your every day life. It doesn't require you to meditate for an hour every day or to go away to a secluded retreat.


In the midst of a busy day, you come back to the present moment, over and over, by regularly practicing some simple yet powerful exercises which are displayed on your desktop screen. These are presented in two types of breaks:

  • Moments of Stillness
     which are very short breaks. By default, they last 30 seconds and appear every 30 minutes or so.
  • Times for Presence
     which are longer breaks. By default, they last two minutes and appear every hour and twenty minutes or so.

These breaks are very short, so that they don't interfere with your work. Of course, you can change their frequency and duration, to suit your preferences.


Stillness Buddy allows you have the teachings, practices and messages from several spiritual teachers. These are grouped into modules, and you decide which ones to display.


Each Stillness Buddy module includes several different Moments of Stillness and Times for Presence exercises. All of them are very easy to follow, no special preparation or instruction is needed.


The following video will give you an idea of how the application works and its benefits.



By regularly practicing these exercises with your undivided attention, you will gradually extend your sense of presence and awareness to the rest of your life, into everything you do. You will feel more joy and aliveness within. You will be more at peace and feel more contented. Over time, you will naturally radiate more peace to everyone and everything around you, which will be a wonderful contribution to the world.


The regular practice of taking breaks also has significant benefits in terms of productivity as well as physical and mental well-being.




"Thank you for creating such a profoundly helpful tool. Your software is changing the world for better. I know because it has already changed mine... big time!!!", Gabriel Cameron (Forex Trader)

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