How it all started


"I have always been a very active person in the world. I've worked as advisor to the Deputy Minister of Rural Development in Mexico, the director of a business research company, co-founder of an organic skincare brand and the UK general manager of a multinational company.


Being a hard-working, and fairly driven person, I always struggled with bringing a sense of mindfulness and calm into my work. I would work for long hours, too fast and invariably feel exhausted and get ill.


Hector Bolanos, creator of Stillness BuddyAt the same time, I have been in the spiritual path for over 20 years. From my own practice, I was well aware of the importance of stopping every now and then to breathe, center myself again and then continue. Nonetheless, it was truly challenging for me to stay fully present while working, especially at the computer.


I tried all sorts of things to remind me to stop and come back to the present: Post-it notes, Outlook reminders, and so on, without success. After a while, I would not even notice these reminders were there.


Eventually, I realized that the solution had to be something that would come directly from the computer itself, where I focus my attention for most of the day. It had to be something that I could customise, be visually pleasing and that would regularly remind me to pause, reflect and come back to the here and now. And, if this application could help me, it would probably help others too.


After several months of hard work, Stillness Buddy was launched in late 2009.


My experience, and that of thousands of people who also use this application, is that Stillness Buddy makes it easier to be less stressed, more focused at work and be more present.


I invite you to try Stillness Buddy. It is my sincere wish that it will help you too. If you have any comments or suggestions, please get in touch!"


Hector Bolanos

Chief Stillness Officer

MindFree Ventures




"Thank you for creating such a profoundly helpful tool. Your software is changing the world for better. I know because it has already changed mine... big time!!!", Gabriel Cameron (Forex Trader)

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