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Return to the present!


 Stillness Buddy is a powerful software app that is helping thousands of people around the world to live in the present moment, feel happier and more at peace.


If you...

  • Get tense and stressed,
  • Tend to work for long periods without a break, or
  • Wish to live more in the present moment...

then Stillness Buddy is for you!


It is like having a friend that, every now and then, gently reminds you to stop, breathe, center yourself again and then continue.


Why use Stillness Buddy?



A unique spiritual tool

Stillness Buddy helps you to practice, and be reminded of, key teachings, exercises and messages by revered spiritual teachers.

These are displayed on your desktop screen, through short

moments of stillness
and longer
times for presence
spread out during the day.

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By regularly following the simple yet powerful exercises presented during the breaks, Stillness Buddy will help you to:

  • Cultivate a deep sense of peace
  • Be more relaxed, less stressed
  • Work in a more mindful, alert manner
  • Live more and more in the present moment
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Highly customizable

You choose the duration and frequency of the breaks, according to your preferences and schedule. You can also pause the application for a while if you need to.

In addition, you can customize and add your own exercises, sounds and messages, so that the application displays exactly what you want and need.

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You choose which modules to display, with the teachings of...

Click here to see the full list of available modules


Forthcoming modules:

We will be launching new modules soon, with the teachings of Sharon Salzberg, Roshi Joan Halifax and Sarah McLean, among others.





Praise for Stillness Buddy:

"Stillness Buddy is a beautiful offering. Its reminders to quiet the mind and open the heart throughout a long, computer-filled day are perfect. They help us to embody love and awareness, to live a wise life." Jack Kornfield


"Stillness Buddy is the perfect application for people who want to live with less stress and and more awareness of the present moment. If you spend considerable time in front of a computer and are serious about being more mindful in your life, then I highly recommend you download this!" Sarah McLean, Director, Sedona Meditation


"It is the coolest application ever and I love it! Like most of us, I keep up with a million things in the course of a busy day, but Stillness Buddy keeps me calm, centered and grounded. I find myself looking forward to the next pause. In fact, everyone in my office is already participating. Together we all stop whatever we are working on or talking about when we hear the little chime! Yesterday I opened my eyes to peek around and everyone had their heads down - it was so cool! Pass it on: It will make your day... calm!" Donna Collins, Founder, The Global Peace Project


"Stillness Buddy is a wonderful tool that will certainly help you to become more conscious and more at peace in the midst of a busy day. Its gentle reminders and exercises to take a brief moment to center yourself and then continue your work, are a great device for attaining and maintaining peace of mind in a fast-paced world." Taoist teacher Stephen Russell, also known as the Barefoot Doctor


"For someone like me always chasing my tail, this is perfect. It brings back a feeling of centredness, quickly and effectively."BBC2 radio presenter and writer Janey Lee Grace


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